Hi friend! I’m Sara. Welcome to my little home on the internet!



Born and raised in the Midwest, I moved to the Queen City (Charlotte, NC) as a teenager, and still live here with my cute, southern hubby. That makes me a native southerner, right? By marriage?…


I am a wife, daughter, sister, friend, singer/songwriter, worship leader, dessert lover, gluten free cook, and a beloved daughter of God. I’m a creative, organized, free spirit (seriously!) who gets bored easily but is never short on curiosity! I wholeheartedly believe that life should be celebrated, even the smallest of moments!


And I am learning to live my life with purpose, intentionally making choices that line up with the kind of person I want to be through the values and beliefs that I hold true.


Also I really love to laugh. My own jokes are usually cheesy, but every once in awhile I deliver a witty, sarcastic gold nugget of a one liner!


I could watch the Harry Potter movies over and over, have tea with my mom and sister every day, and decorate my home for the next 2 years but still not feel like it’s done! Some of my favorites are big Saturday breakfasts, rainy days, Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman Island, John Mayer, and new adventures and experiences. I am a thinker and a daydreamer and a go-getter, and I firmly believe that you always have options in life!


I’ve also always loved connecting people. As a ten or eleven year old I would host sleep overs for both my closest girlfriends as well as girls who were new to town or trying to find their place. As a 20-something, I loved inviting anyone and everyone over to the small-ish apartment that my sister and I shared just because I wanted to get people together. Any reason, real or made up, to gather friends and family together to celebrate life and I’m in!


So as much as this is my home, it’s your home, too! Here you can connect and celebrate with others through topics such as money, food, home, travel, art, celebrations, faith, life experiences, and so much more! I hope you find it to be a place where you can relax, explore, and stay awhile as we learn and grow together towards spending our lives on purpose.


Have fun and I’m so glad you’re here!






Choose Intentional Spending Everyday

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