How to Decorate Your Home for Fall for $60 or Less!



The summer-like temps here in Charlotte have me bummed out. Where are the chilly breezes? Where are the cold rain showers that October usually brings?


But decorating our home for fall is helping to combat the delayed-autumn blues!


I love to decorate our home with each new season, and fall is one of my favorites! The beautiful pumpkin oranges, deep greens, and burnt reds are a welcome way of bringing the outdoors in alongside touches of white, blue, silver, and gold.


This year for fall decorating, with my husband and I coming off of our No Spend September, I wanted to keep the budget fairly low. So I set my total budget amount at $60 and called this challenge Mission: Fall Decor (what’s life without some fun, right?)!


I knew I wanted to purchase two large potted mums, as well as a variety of different sized pumpkins. I also knew that I had three specific areas I wanted to decorate: our front door area, our foyer, and our kitchen/dining room.


To help keep the budget on the low end, I also wanted to use some items from previous years that I still loved. This included a ceramic pumpkin, a piece of plaid fabric, a wreath, a plant stand, and an indoor/outdoor lantern.


I intentionally purchased these items over the last couple of years in hopes of being able to use them year after year.

A little bit of intentional thought goes a long way.


Once I decided which spaces I wanted to focus on, I got to work trying to visualize what I wanted each space to look like.


Our front door would be the most involved and take the largest amount of the budget, so I saved that for last.


I started with the foyer. Because this is the first stop once you come in the front door, I always try to keep this area clean and simple year round. I decided the cute little ceramic pumpkin was the perfect addition to the foyer table. I love that it greets you when you enter our home and lets you know that fall is here, but is not overpowering or busy.




Total for the foyer: Free!


One space down, two to go!


Next up, the kitchen and dining room.


Our home is open concept, so from the front door you can see straight into the kitchen and the dining room. The sight lines were one of the selling features of this house for us, and we love it! I knew that I wanted to be able to see the fall touches in the kitchen and dining room from the foyer, so my first stop was the dining room table.


I started with the plaid fabric that I had kept from last fall. I picked this fabric up for a few dollars at a fabric store in town, and  originally used it as an outdoor blanket draped over a rocking chair at our previous house. It made for a really cute and welcoming touch to our front porch!


Side note: when fall was over last year, I washed and dried the fabric, folded it up, and put it into our fall seasonal items box.


But this year, I wanted to use it as a table cloth or runner for the dining room table.


First I tried it draped at an angle. 



Nah. Something about it wasn’t quite right.


So then I decided to fold it like a runner.



Yasss! Much better.


From there, I built the table design to be simple and colorful.



I bought these adorable little pumpkins from a local farm for $2 a piece!



The little leaf bowls I picked up at my local grocery store on sale for $1.99 each!



The glasses and plates we already had, and the fresh flowers (one of my favs!) were a sweet, unexpected surprise from my husband. You could also purchase fake flowers and greenery to keep in a pitcher or vase that will last the entire season. When these fresh flowers have to go, I will use a large, empty white pouring pitcher on the table in place of the glass vase. 


For the kitchen, I kept it very simple and purchased a pumpkin apple candle at our local grocery store. I love making our home SMELL like the season we are in! It was also on sale for $8.


Total for the kitchen and dining room: $20!


My final project in Mission: Fall Decor was the front door area.


This space took the most thought and trial and error of all of the spaces I decorated. First I tried both potted mums on the same side. It was nice but not quite what I was going for. I tried the lantern in a couple of different spots as well. 


Tip: Don’t be afraid to rearrange when you’re trying to figure out your space! One idea might spark another idea and so on and so forth.


Also, don’t feel like you have to use everything you purchased. Maybe you have one pumpkin that just isn’t fitting into what you’re going for at the front door. That’s ok! Maybe work it into your table decor or foyer display.


From the same local farm that I purchased those small pumpkins for the dining room, I purchased one large orange pumpkin and three stackables. The stacked pumpkins are probably my favorite thing for this year! My husband calls the orange guy on the bottom a tomato pumpkin : )



I used the wreath, lantern, and plant stand that I had from last year, and I picked up the potted mums from my local grocery store for $5.99 each.



Total for the front door area: $37


Grand Total for Mission: Fall Decor: $57!


Decorating the house to celebrate the different seasons throughout the year is one of the simple joys that I love, and it’s even more fun being in a home of our own! I love the way these spaces turned out and enjoy sharing them with my family and friends. 


Tip: Decorate to your tastes, style, and budget.


I love looking at other blogs, websites, and Instagram accounts to see how other people are decorating their homes. There is so much creative inspiration out there! But I never, ever, EVER want to feel the pressure to be just like them or have a home that looks just like theirs. I hope you’ll keep that in mind, too!


At the end of the day, our value and the value of our family and friends and homes is not wrapped up in whether or not we can keep up with or be like everyone else.


For some, $60 seems like a small amount. For others, it can seem like an impossible amount. If you love the idea of decorating your home this fall, but are on a strict budget, here are a couple of ways you can save up $60:


  • Are you purchasing coffee at coffee shops? Maybe you should save that amount instead!
    • 1 coffee @ $2 x 1 time per week: $8 per month
    • 1 coffee @ $4.5 x 1 time per week: $18 per month
    • 1 coffee @ $4 x 3 times per week: $48 per month
  • Do you have items around the house you aren’t using anymore?
    • Sell them on Offerup!
    • Have a yard sale!
  • Do you color your hair?
    • Skip 1 month OR just get a touch up OR DIY for 1 month. This will save you enough to decorate your home for the season!


Do you like to decorate your home as the seasons change? Do you have any other tips and tricks you can share with us? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Happy Fall y’all!






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