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What will you choose to do with these next 24 hours that you have been gifted?…

What about your next paycheck?… what will you choose to spend it on?

How about your next everyday moment with your family and friends?… will you notice the beauty of it?


Hi friend! I’m Sara. These are the kinds of questions I have been asking myself regularly for the last several years. And let’s be honest, I will probably be asking them for the rest of my life! They serve as a great check-in with myself of where I’m at, where I’ve been, where I’m going, and who’s beside me. This self-reflection and self-awareness has become vital in my desire and quest of learning to spend my life intentionally.


It can be so easy to get caught up in the same ol’ same ol’, day in day out, magic-less feeling that “normal life” brings sometimes. I forget to look up, look out, look in, and look around. I somehow wind up in an autopilot kind of mode without even realizing it. It can be so frustrating!


Have you ever been there?


I’m doing what I can to not feel this way so often. I want to be in the moment, know where my hard earned money is going, travel to amazing places, eat incredible food joyfully, and see the people in my life as the blessings that they are. I want to love well, laugh hard, cry when necessary, and be filled to the brim with joy.


Do you?


Then I hope you’ll come on this journey with me! We can learn and grow together, discovering what makes us tick, how to cherish the most important people in our lives, and how to notice the quiet wonder that really does inhabit our everyday places, spaces, schedules, and routines. Because whether we realize it or not,


We are the product of our everyday choices.


When did you choose to get up this morning? What did you choose to eat for breakfast? Have you chosen to find, get connected, and stay connected to a solid community of people? Did you choose to love your husband, wife, neighbor, or coworker today?


Why, or why not?


It’s a process going from a “things just happen to me”‘ mentality to one in which you realize that you get many, many, MANY choices each and everyday. So start by considering these questions:

Q. How do you eat an elephant?

1 bite at a time.

Q. How do you change your habits or start working towards a goal?

Just start.


JUST START! Somewhere. Anywhere! It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just start thinking of ways that you can spend your money, your time, and every aspect of your life on purpose, with a focus and intent behind it! Don’t leave it to chance or think that you haven’t been granted permission to make decisions for yourself.


That’s what Intentional Spending is all about. 


You’ll find ideas and suggestions from my journey on the pages of this site, as well as the stories of others who are looking for the same thing. You have the courage you need to get started…we all do. We just have to realize it.

Just start.





Choose Intentional Spending Everyday

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